You come upon a pair of feoraptor babies.

Fracture’s Compassion Toxin’s Maladroit

One is lying on his back, while the other stares at him intently. "What are you lying on your back for, Compassion?" she demands.

"I'm looking at the bottom of my feet, Maladroit," Compassion says.

Maladroit is quite for a moment, then finally responds. "Well, that's dumb."

Compassion male looks at her, opens his mouth to say something, then apparently thinks better of it and closes his mouth again. He wiggles his feet and continues staring at them.

Maladroit continues looking at him for a moment longer. Then she heaves a great sigh, lays down, and wiggles onto her back. She paddles her feet in the air. "I still don't get what's so great about this," she annouces, as wiggling her feet harder.

Name: Fracture’s Compassion
Species: Feoraptor
Gender: Male
Mother: Heart's Love
Father: Light's Fracture
Genetics: EE::tt::gg::HH::mm
Birth Shriek: Galactic Spectrum
Current Shriek: --
From: Ayanula

Clutch Notes: Around the time that Love settled down and began taking care of her incubated eggs, Arielle visited her again, congratulating her on her first clutch and asking her how her mission was going to find Vengeance. Love responded that it wasn’t going to well, and that she was worried for her future hatchlings. She didn’t think that Beloved and Loveless remembered her, but if they ever did, and if Vengeance found out about her mission to free her brother and sister and destroy her, she might go for her children. Arielle explained that this was a problem that could not simply be solved, but that she would give Love’s hatchlings an advantage. Arielle disappeared and the mound under which the eggs were buried under began to glow slightly before losing the eerie light all together. Love knew immediately that they were now celestial touched. She can only imagine what will begin to happen to them when they reach adulthood. Their eyes have not changed color yet strangely enough though. They are all blue like their father's.

Baby Notes: He’s a rather shy and skittish. Fracture has tried to show him how to hunt or fight, but it seems like he just doesn’t want to hurt anything. Not even for food. He’s shown an amazing display of compassion at a young age. Even going so far as to eat leaves though they taste like rubbish so he didn’t have to hunt . Love has tried to explain to him that it’s only natural that feoraptors eat meat, but he has not yet discovered this.

Name: Toxin’s Maladroit
Species: Feoraptor
Gender: Female
Mother: Ocean's Toxin
Father: Liquid's Tint
Genetics: EE::TT::GG::HH::mm
Birth Shriek: Galactic Spectrum
Current Shriek: --
From: Ayanula

Clutch Notes: When the eggs where laid, Toxin knew that they would share the same poisonous blood as her. This is because much like her, the eggs had a bit of a greenish glow. Well, actually two of them were greenish the egg that hatched the male was red. This scared her greatly, seeing as she was certainly not red, and neither was Tint. Not really anyway, Tint only had a reddish brown on him. Toxin began to worry more and more, until the eggs hatched…nothing seemed wrong with the male at all, in fact, the only thing that made him stand out was the fact he was a little smaller then his sisters. He even had the same green eyes as his sisters. She thinks the reason for his red egg might become more apparent as time goes on, but for now they have no clue.

Baby Notes: She’s a bit of a follower. She likes to follow her brother around on all his adventures, but unfortunately she is really clumsy and often speaks in a way that is awkward and at times hurtful and often gets hurt or scolded at by her brother for her words. Her brother has very little patience for her because of this, but he always takes her on his little journeys even if it does mean he’ll get scolded for it later. For this she is grateful.

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