"Welcome to the Shriek of the Galactic Spectrum!"

HeadshotNameGenderPositionParentsBirth ShriekCaretakerPermission Needed
Heart's LoveFAlphaWildWildSilvanonNo
Ocean's ToxinFBetaWildWildSilvanonNo
Greyscale's ExtremesMOmegaWildWildSilvanonNo
Light's FractureMOmegaWildWildSilvanonNo
Liquid's TintMOmegaWildWildIvySpringYes

Tint's or Toxinís DecorumFToxin x TintCaretaker
Toxinís PhenomenonMToxin x TintIvySpring
Toxinís MaladroitMToxin x TintSilvanon
Love's CandyFLove x FractureCaretaker
Fractureís CompassionMLove x FractureSilvanon
Loveís or Fractureís HeroMLove x FractureCaretaker

Feoraptors come from Ayanula

Please note that some Shriek members may require permission before you can have a breeding from them.
For those that don't require permission, please still notify the parent's caretakers when you get a baby.

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