You come upon a large reptilian something lying in the grass. It's got two legs, and it's sort of purplish in color, and it's very fast asleep. Or, at least, you think it is, until it jumps up at you.

Trojan's Victory

The creature flys right over your head, landing on the other side of you. You stumble back, into Silvanon. "What was that!?!" you exclaim.

"He's a Feoraptor," she replies. "Trojan's Victory is his name. Trojan, you scared my guest. Come and appologize."

Trojan looks superficially ashamed. "Sorry," he says, then turns to leave.

As he is walking away, another feoraptor appears. Trojan snorts in surprise, and carefully skirts the newcomer. She gives him a wry look and shakes her head. "I'm only toxic if you try to bite me," she calls to him.

"It was only a playful nibble, and I was sick for days!" Trojan retorts.

"Just keep your mouth to yourself and you'll be fine," she shoots back. "You shouldn't be biting people in the first place. Even if it is only a nibble."

Trojan seems to sense that he's loosing the argument, and instead of responding, walks off. The female turns to you and bows.

Ocean's Toxin

"Please excuse me," she says, and hurries after Trojan.

Name: Trojan's Victory
Species: Feoraptor
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
Shriek: Hunter's Peak
From: FlyingPanther Productions

Name: Ocean's Toxin
Species: Feoraptor
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Genetics: EE::TT::GG::HH::mm
Shriek: Galactic Spectrum
From: FlyingPanther Productions

Notes: Long ago this feoraptor's name used to be Ocean's Glory. As you can see however, she has a rather sickly green sheen to her. When she was young and on her own she stumbled across a kill. She hadn't eatten for day's but it had been the kill of a feoraptor who had some sort of special poison mutation. She was bitten by the feoraptor in the leg. She managed to get away with only the bite...but it slowly started to work the toxins into her system. She passed out for several days, and yet she awoke...living somehow. She was very lucky...as she seemed to have some sort of immunity to it. However, the poison is still in her system, giving her that beautiful green glow. If anyone tried to attack her by biting...they might just poison themselves to death.

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