You come upon a female feoraptor, sitting quietly on a mossy rock near the edge of the meadow. Her hide is a pearly light blue with hints of pink running through it, and on her chest is a heart shape in blue with a pink edge. Small transparent wings flutter slightly in the breeze. Her eyes are a curious white, but they glitter with intelligence, kindness, and, below that, a sadness so profound that hurts your heart to see it.

Heart's Love

You feel compelled to speak to this creature, to offer your sympathies and, if possible, to find out the cause of her hurt. You approach cautiously so as not to overly disturb her, and finally say "Um, hi."

She looks up at you when you speak, and offers you a small smile. "Hello," her voice is rich in the same sad undercurrents you noticed in her eyes.

"I, um, couldn't help but notice that you seem sad. Is there anything I can do for you?"

The feoraptor's smile fades and dies. After a moment, she speaks. "I thank you for your kindness, stranger. That in itself is a help to me, for it gives me hope that the world yet holds goodness in it. But, the battle that comes is not for one such as you." She pauses, and you nod and try to understand, although really you don't. Then she continues, speaking more to herself than you now. "I will get them back!" The feoraptor's expression has momentarily abandoned her sadness, and now you witness an unbending determination in her, backed by forceful anger. Wow, you hope never to get on this feo's bad side....

Name: Heart's Love
Species: Feoraptor
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
Genetics: EE::tt::GG::HH::mm
Shriek: Galactic Spectrum
From: Ayanula

Notes: She is the sister of Loveless and Beloved. She came in a clutch before them, where she was the only one. Her mother and father loved her dearly, and it was hard for them to see her go when she was of age. They had created such a bond that when her parents and younger siblings were in danger she sensed it long before the attack happened. She set to get over to help right away, but upon arriving she found a massacre. Dead bodies everywhere, and her siblings no where to be found. She began to cry something terrible. No one in the history of Ayanula had ever cried so hard. Not even the gods themselves. Arielle came down to her, and felt a great amount of pity for her. Arielle told her of what happened to her siblings when she asked, and almost immediately her markings which were once fully pink, began to turn an icy blue of sadness. Arielle consoled her, promising her she would help as best she could to get her siblings back to her, and out of Vengence's clutches.

Arielle gave her spirit wings. Though they are small, she is flight capable and much faster then those who have large wings even! This is to get her to were she needed to be as soon as possible, weather to help another or any other perpose...so she would never be to late again. Love is celestial touched, which is why her eyes are white. And to give her hope, Arielle gave her a necklace, which contained the pink of her soul she had lost when she had heard of her sibling's fate.

Arielle warned her that her siblings might be to far gone to save, but to never loose hope. That she should be wary of Vengence, as she is a force to be reconded with. The demon in Vengences soul grows to this very day, but the only way to save her siblings would be to end her life. Which might just cost Love her own life in turn. Love vowed that she would destroy Vengence and save all those who she had enslaved as well as her siblings.

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