Revanna and Ciradus


You see a large purple dragon standing next to a gradient blue and green dragon under a large tree. Noticing the direction of your gaze, Silvanon tells you, "The purple one is Revanna and the gradient is her mate, Ciradus. They were a gift to me from Kitty. But come, you must say hello to them."

You walk over to Anna and Ciradus, who have now noticed you. They both seem to smile as you appoach. "Hello," you say.

"Hello," replys Anna. "Thanks for coming over. It's always nice to have company."

"Would you like to see our scrapbooks?" asks Ciradus. He hands you a large book, which has writting on several pages.

Name: Revanna (Anna for short)
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Breed: Radiance Dragon
Color: Purple
Mother: Hahnela
Father: N/A
Siblings: Carri, Maggie, Mat.
Mate: Ciradus :)
Children: Tillavee and others
From: Kitty!

Here is Anna as a teen:

Anna Teen

As a hatchling:
Anna Baby!

And as an egg:
Anna Egg

Name: Ciradus
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Breed: Radiance Dragon
Color: Gradient Blue & Green
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Siblings: Adraire and Zarpan
Mate: Revanna :)
Children: Tillavee and others.
From: Kitty!

Here is Ciradus as a teen:

Ciradus Teen

As a hatchling:
Ciradus Baby!

And as an egg:
Ciradus Egg

Radiance Dragon Award

Thank you Kitty!!!

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