Shlimatak's Spot


Several creatures are standing in or near the stream, but one of them in particular catches your attention.. You know that Radiance Dragons usually only have one color on their bodies, but this one has two! "Who is that?" you ask the maid.

"That's Mat." she replies. Then she calles out, "Mat, come over here!" Mat obligingly walks over.

"Oh," you say to Mat. "You're beautiful!"

Mat ducks his head and modestly says, "Thank you, but I assure you my sister and niece are just as pretty.

Your guide laughs and turns to you.. "Would you like to see the scrapbook?".

Name: Shlimatak (Mat for short).
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Breed: Radiance Dragon
Color: Mutt (navy & purple speckeled body, gradient purple belly)
Mother: Hahnela
Father: N/A
Siblings: Anna and many others.
Mate: None yet.
Children: Nope.
From: Kitty's Adoptions

Mat as a Teen:

Teen Mat

Mat as a Hatchling:

Baby Mat

Here's Mat as an egg:

Mat's Egg

Radiance Dragon Award

Note: Mat is a very rare type of Radiance Dragon, called a Mutt. This means he has two colors on his body, instead of just one. Mat was won in a contest. :)

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