Tillavee's Spot


You see a bright blue dragon standing near the stream. She seems very intent upon the water. "That's Tillavee," says your guide. Then she calls out, "Tilly!"

With a start Tilly looks up. "Oh," she says. "I didn't notice you there." She flashes you an embarresed grin. "I was too busy daydreaming."

"What were you thinking about?" you ask.

"Oh, just about this stream. I know it eventually ends up in the ocean. I think I shall have to go visit the ocean sometime. Radiance Dragons are actually sea creatures, you know." Tilly turns back to the water, and you can see she is no longer thinking about you.

Or, at least, you thought she wasn't. She gives a sudden jerk, and looks up at you again. "Guess what!" she exclaims. "I've got a mate! He's so gorgeous! He's pure white, like the color of water breaking over rocks, or foam on the sea. And he's so sweet, too! *Tilly gives a twitterpated sigh* We just had a clutch of eggs. He gave me gifts. Want to see?"

Tilly pulls out a small orb, inside which a blue flame flickers, and a lage purple gem.

Gift Another Gift

"What's his name?" you gently prompt Tilly.

"Rafik," sighs Tilly.

Silvanon turns to you and asks if you would like to see the scrapbook.

Name: Tillavee.
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Breed: Radiance Dragon
Color: Blue
Mother: Revanna.
Father: Ciradus
Siblings: See the list.
Mate: Rafik
Children: Unnamed and two others.
From: Kitty's Adoptions

Tilly the Teenager:

Tilly Teen

Tilly as a Hatchling:

Tilly Hatchling

Here's Tilly's egg:

Tilly's Egg

Radiance Dragon Award

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