"Welcome to the Jeweled Wolves: Pack of the Amethyst Glow!"

HeadshotNameGenderParentsBirth PackElementCaretakerPermission Needed
Buck EscaperMWild--Animal (Rabbit)SilvanonNo
Stick EnragedMWild--EarthSilvanonNo
Whispered WatcherMWild--AirSilvanonNo
Grass MarcherMWild--EarthLessa LynnNo
Midnight FlameMWild--Blue FireLessa LynnNo
Icicle ClawMWild--Animal - DragonLessa LynnNo
Flame SnarlerMWild--FireLessa LynnNo
Flaming WatersMMidnight Flame x Water Flare--Blue FireLessa LynnNo, but cannot breed with Water Flare
Midnight EnchanterMWild--Animal-UnicornArriakiNo
Chilled SilenceFWild--ArcticSilvanonNo
Bursting SlyFWild--ChaosSilvanonNo
Flowing UniqueFWild--WaterSilvanonNo
Magical MischiefFWild--EnchantedSilvanonNo
Breath ScouterFWild--AirLessa LynnNo
Fire EmberFAsh Shadow x Fire Reflection--FireLessa LynnNo, but cannot breed with Ash Shadow
Puddle JumperFWild--StormLessa LynnNo
Water FlareFWild--Blue FireLessa LynnNo
Autumn SmolderingFWild--FireLessa LynnNo
Chaotic FlashFWild--ChaosLessa LynnNo
Raining EarthFIcicle Claw x Puddle Jumper--StormLessa LynnNo, but cannot breed with Icicle Claw
Bewinged Black & Blue BatFWild--Theme-My Little PonyArriakiNo
Dread SummoningFWild--DemonLessa LynnNo
Smoke JingleFWild--FireIceCatNo
Fire ReflectionFWild--FireLessa LynnNo, but would prefer to only breed with Ash Shadow
Ash ShadowMWild--FireLessa LynnNo, but would prefer to only breed with Fire Reflection
HeadshotNameGenderParentsBirth PackElementCaretakerPermission Needed

Winter HelperMBuck Escaper x Chilled SilenceAnimal - Snow Shoe HareSilvanon
Current CoyFWhispered Watcher x Flowing UniqueAirSilvanon
Magic SingerMPandemonium x Magical MischiefEnchantedSilvanon
Summer WaitingMStick Enraged x Bursting SlyEarthSilvanon
Dread EnchanterFMidnight Enchanter x Dread SummoningDemonLessa Lynn
Corrosive ShadowMFlaming Waters x Smoke JingleFireIceCat
Pumpkin PatchMWhispered Watcher x Bewinged Black & Blue BatHalloween - MLPArriaki
NameMChilled Silence x Whispered WatcherArcticUnyko
Coy SingerFCurrent Coy x Magic SingerEnchantedSilvanon
NameMMagical Mischief x Flaming WatersEnchantedSaturnalia
NameFBursting Sly x Flaming WatersChaosIce Cat

Jeweled Wolves come from the Natcka Timber Lands

Please note that some Pack members may require permission before you can have a breeding from them.
For those that don't require permission, please still notify the parent's caretakers when you get a pup.

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