Jeweled Wolf

You spot a strange creature. It looks almost like a rabbit, but you aren't quite sure...somehow it has a preditory look about it. The creature stiffens as he notices you looking at him, but he still allows you to approach.

Buck Escaper

"Hello," you greet him carefully.
"Hello," he says back, and you catch a glimps of pointed teeth.
"Um, what exactly are you," you ask, unable to find a more tactful way of putting it.
He looks up at you with an unreadable expression. "I am a Jeweled Wolf, my name is Buck Escaper."
"Oh," you say, at a loss, "you're a wolf?"

"Jeweled Wolf," Buck corrects you. "I'm an animal element, Rabbit to be exact." Now Buck smiles a hard, small smile. "Makes it easier to catch my prey, the rabbits all think I'm one of them until its too late. Of course, that also means I have to be carefull around my own species--I don't want to be misidentified."

Another Jeweled Wolf appears, and you stiffen, but Buck glances at her and remains calm. Apparently he knows this one and trust her not to attack him. Looking at her more closely now, you note her thick white fur.

Chilled Silence

"Hello, Silence," Buck greets her. She glances at you, and Buck says, "We'll be going now, Silence doesn't like the heat." With that, the two move away.

Name: Buck Escaper
State: Full-grown
Gender: Male
Sire: Wild
Dame: Wild
Element: Animal (Rabbit)
Pack: Pack of the Amethyst Glow

Notes: Because he looks so much like a rabbit he must be careful
around other Jeweled Wolves, they could mistake him as a real
rabbit. He is very wary around others of his kind because of
that fact.

From: Air Raiser

Name: Chilled Silence
State: Full-grown
Gender: Female
Sire: Wild
Dame: Wild
Element: Arctic
Pack: Pack of the Amethyst Glow

Notes: Her fur coat helps her hide in the show, and her mane and
her leg tuffs help camoflauge her as well.

From: Air Raiser

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