Premade Paints Page

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To claim one of the Paints on this page you must have at least a White Rose or a Magical White Rose. A normal Rose will let you claim any Tablet Paint. A Magical Rose will let you claim any Tablet Paint or any Traditional Paint. Any colored rose may be used to claim one of these Paints, however white roses are specifically for claiming Premades and cannot be used for other things. For anyone who owns a Secundi Paints Import Ticket and who does not have any Paints on their owner page here, I will also accept an Import Ticket as a premade claiming item. Premades are put up as I make them -- if there aren't any, or there are not any you like, just wait and more will be put up as I have time to make them. Premades are first come first served. To claim one of these, please make sure you have the appropriate Rose, and then send me a PM on Secundi or at the Orchard Messagepost, or send me an email at with the following form:

Your Painted Unicorns Username:
ID # of Paint being claimed:
Name for Paint:

There are not any Premade Paints currently.