Painted Unicorn Rules & Information

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Breeding - Painted Unicorns, Tablet Paints, Zebracorns and Specials

Painted Unicorns, Tablet Paints, Zebracorns, and Specials are all breedable, and interbreedable with each other. Hereafter I'm just going to say Paints, because it's easier, but I mean all of them.

Paints are able to breed anytime the person requesting the breeding has either a Red Rose or a Magical Red Rose in their inventory. Roses can be found by logging into your Painted Unicorns account and Searching Allonia. The parent Paints must be posted and have their URLs correctly linked on the Parents List. Once you have your Paint posted, you can have it's URL added to the parents list either by posting a message here or by PMing Silvanon on Pony Island, or by entering it yourself via your Painted Unicorns account. Please note that by URL address I mean the address of the page you have posted the Paint on, not the URL address of the image of the Paint, or the address of your Painted Unicorns Owner Page. PI users who have posted their Paint on their presentation can use the URL of their presentation as the page its posted on.

Also, in order to breed, the Paint must belong to a herd of Painted Unicorns, called a Charity. A Paint may only breed with other Paints belonging to its own Charity, so choosing which Charity to have your Paint join is an important decision.

Charities can be created by players. To create a Charity, you need at least two Painted Unicorns willing to join. The Paints don't need to belong to the same person, although they can. In order for the Charity to produce children, there will of course need to be both stallions and mares in the Charity. There is no set ratio of stallions to mares. Different Charities are run differently, depending upon the temperment and ideas of their members. (For example, some Charities are made up of pairs, in other Charities the members have no set mates.) However, there is one thing every Charity needs: A Charity homepage, with a list of all Charity members. This page should be run by someone who will be available to keep it updated. Charities that are deemed outdated and not upkept may be removed from the list of official Charities. The Charity homepage may be kept on a PI presentation if desired.

Paints will occationally switch Charities, although this behaviour is discouraged. In order for a Paint to move to a new Charity, his or her name must be removed from the old Charity's list, and put up on the new Charity's list.

Only Paints belonging to Charities listed on the Charity Listings page are eligible to have children. To get your Charity listed, use the Submit New Charity function on the Your Account page of your Painted Unicorns account.

Once the parent Paints meet all the requirements for breeding, the breeding may be submitted via the person's Painted Unicorns account. The owners of the mother and father Paints must then approve the breeding, and then I must approve it via the Admin Approval. Once the breeding is entirely approved, it will appear on the Upcoming Breedings page. The resulting offspring will also appear on that page once I have finished the breeding.

Note on interbreeding Paints, Zebracorns and Specials:
Doing a breeding with a Red Rose will always result in a Tablet Painted Unicorn baby, regardless of whether the parents were Traditional or Tablet Painted Unicorns. (They can be both Traditional, both Tablet, or one of each.) When either or both parents are Zebracorns, the breeding can only be done with a Magical Red Rose, and the resulting offspring will be a Zebracorn. Breeding a Paint, Tablet Paint or Zebracorn to a Special, or breeding two Specials together, can only be done with a Magical Red Rose, and the resulting offspring will be a Special.

Breeding Rules

    Charity Rules

  • A Charity must consist of at least two memebers. A mix of Stallions and Mares is recommended but there are no set limits on the ratio of genders.
  • A Charity must have a charity homepage, with a listing of Charity members. The Charity homepage may be kept on a PI presentation if desired.
  • To be official, a Charity must be registered in the Charity Registry.
  • The person making the Charity can decide what the Charity's name is. Charities are always named in Gavanian, but you can send me the English and I'll translate it for you if you want.

    Breeding Rules

  • To breed, the two parent Paints must both belong to the same Charity, must be of opposite genders, and may not be too closely related (a Paint may not breed with its sibling, half-sibling, parent, niece/nephew, etc).
  • To breed, the person requesting the breeding must have the permission of both owners of the parent Paints. Other than the owners of the parent Paints, the only other person who must approve of the breeding is myself, Silvanon. Anyone else found attempting to impose breeding restrictions on Painted Unicorns not belonging to themselves, regardless of reason, will have all non-USD commission Painted Unicorns repossesed immediately, and all commissioned Painted Unicorns declared forevermore unbreedable.
  • To breed, both parent Paints must be posted, and their name on the parents list must be linked on to the correct URL where they are posted. In other words, when you go to the Paint's individual info page, there must be a link in the stats called "Page:" followed by a working URL that goes to a webpage, not on, that has the Paint posted. The webpage may be a PI presentation. Paint owners can input a URL using the "Update a Painted Unicorn's Posted Page URL" function on the Your Account page.
  • A commission or trade Paint must be paid for before it is breedable.
  • There is no limit on how many offspring Paints can have at a time.
  • The Owner of a Paint may choose to charge a fee for use of their Paint in a breeding. (However, I encourage that breeding fees not be collected in the case of breeding draws unless the person wins the draw.)