Yesterday's Moon
Icanker'zeb greets you. "Welcome to the Tribe of the Moon's Spirit!"

HeadshotNameIDGenderParentsBirth TribeCaretakerPermission Needed
Icanker'zeb004MB x ARah'zenshaSilvanonNo
Yanref'Gysu036M031 x 029Phar'ArrystaSilvanonNo
Zytes'jummel006FH x IRah'zenshaLessa LynnNo
Tos'tas'les'burchref'jummel005FH x IRah'zenshaFlyingPantherYes
Greref'huiiren011FE x CRah'zenshaLessa LynnNo
Les'burisken023FH x IRah'zenshaSilvanonNo
HeadshotNameIDGenderParentsBirth TribeCaretakerPermission

Zebker'jummel030004 x 006Lessa Lynn
Certanref'gysu037036 x 023Silvanon
Yesterday's Sigh038004 x 011Silvanon

Zenix come from the ShatterStars

Please note that some Tribe members require permission before you can have a breeding from them.
For those that don't require permission, please still notify the parent's caretakers when you get a foal.

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