Virithah & Grundie

Virithah Grundie

You are wondering which of the meadow inhabitants to visit next, when you suddenly hear a splash from behind you. You turn towards the stream in time to see a bronze firelizard surface from his dive. He is followed closely by a blue. The only pauses a moment before he begins splashing. Silvanon smiles and tells you, "That's Virithah. He's one of Deedi's children."

The little blue seems about to join Virithah in the water again. He pauses and looks skyward, then turns and flys to land on Silvanon's shoulder. "Really, Grundie," she says. "You're getting me all wet." Grundie chirps apologetically. "Grundi is from Dawn Sisters Weyr," she informs you.

Suddenly a small golden form swoops out of the sky. With a splash Deedi joins Virithah in the stream. She immidatly begins scolding Virithah. Within moments he is bullied into helping her groom. Still, evey once in a while Virithah "accidentally" flips a wingfull of water onto Deedi. The two seem to be enjoying the water immensely. Grundie, after much diliberation, finally joins them.

"Would you like to see the srapbook?" Silvanon asks. You nod your head, and she hands it to you.

Name: Virithah
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Breed: Fire-lizard
Color: Bronze
Looks to: Silvanon
Mother: Deedi
Father: Tewer
Siblings: List coming soon.
Mate: Nope.
Childern: What do you think?
From: Circle Cove

Virithah's Egg:

Virithah's Egg

Name: Grundie
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Breed: Fire-lizard
Color: Blue
Looks to: Silvanon
Mother: ??
Father: ??
Siblings: N/A
Mate: Nope.
Childern: Uh-huh.
From: Dawn Sisters Weyr

Baby Grundie:

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