Deedi & Ahemla's Place

You notice a sandy spot in the meadow, with a small white picket fence around it. Curious, you wander over. You find yourself looking down on a green fire-lizard. She is curled up on the warm sand, fast asleep. Then she stirs, pulls herself to a sitting position, and stretches. Then she looks up at you and chirps inquirely.

Silvanon, hearing the sound, walks over. You notice that she has somehow procurred a bottle of oil. She picks up the little green and begins oiling her.

Suddenly a delicate golden form swoops down out of the sky. Ah, a golden fire-lizard! The little gold settles down on the fence. Regally she fans her wings, and looks about her. Watching her, you think if she said "chirp," you'd hop.


Silvanon watches as she continues to work with Ahemla. With a smile she tells you, "This is Deedi. As you can tell, she's quite a personality. She's got the whole meadow right where she wants it, under her wing."

You nod, thinking she's right. "Is there any reason for this fence right here?" you ask. "It seems kind of random."

"We use it to protect fire-lizard eggs, whenever we have any," she tells you. "Ahemla here like it because she can sleep undisturbed in it. Deedi just thinks it's hers."

You suddenly notice a small book sitting next to the fence, and pick it up.

Name: Deedi
Age: Adult
Type: Fire-lizard
Color: Gold
Gender: Female
Looks to: Silvanon
Parents: N/A
Mate: Tewer
Offspring: Virithah, and others.
From: Circle Cove

Here's Deedi's egg:

Wasn't she a pretty egg?

Name: Ahemla
Age: Adult
Type: Fire-lizard
Color: Green
Gender: Female
Looks to: Silvanon
Mother: Tashi
Father: Jathen
Mate: Nope.
Children: Uh...
From: Tyralchia Fire Lizard Adoptions

Ahemla's egg:

Ahemla the hatchling:

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