From Among the Trees

A small....something....apears in front of you, flying, its wings beat and stir a small air around you. Despite the wings, it has the shape of a cobra. You draw back, rather afraid of it, and it hisses at you. More than a little concerned, you begin batting your hands at it.

~Leave him be, he only wants to see you~ You start at the voice in your head. "Oh, uh, sorry," you fumble. "Where are you?"

~*laughs* I am here~ You look around you, but don't see anything. ~Look up~ the voice instructs. You obey, and see a large tree branch above you. A Kat is sprawled out along it. She reaches down and playfully bats at your head. You duck down to avoid her paws, and she gracefully leaps down. The little snake-thing immediately joins her.

"My name is Verdes, and this is my mimic, Inimit." This time she speaks out loud, and you notice that her speaking voice sounds exactly like her mind-voice did. Now that she is down on your level, you can see that there is something strange about her eyes. She must have felt you noticing, for she immediately closes them. Inimit hisses at you, and this time it definately sounds menacing. Verdes sighs. "Yes, stranger, my eyes are not like yours." A hint of pride enters her voice. "However, I can see you quite well." With that, she turns and walks into the trees, almost immediately disappearing. Inimit hisses at you a final time before following her.

After a moment, you turn to leave as well. As you take the first step, your foot bumps into something in the (somehow taller?) grass. It's a scrapbook.

Name: Verdes
Gender: Female
Species: Raveen Kat
Parentage: Unknown/Wild
Element: Plant (Earth sub-element)
Pride: Pride of the Horizon Breaking
Mate: Fuuente
Children: None
From: Ice Plains

Notes: She's semi-blind in both eyes, but don't let that fool you as she can
see perfectly well with her strong telepathy ability. Basically she can see
auras of living things, but only darkness where non-living things are. Due
to this she often keeps her eyes closed and uses her telepathy to 'see'
where everything is. She can mindspeak and read the minds of any Kat that
does not have a mindblock or a more powerful telepathy ability. If wounded
minorly she heals instantly, but for severe injuries she'll have to seek out
a healer. She can help plants grow by touching them, or create new plants by
touching the ground.

Her abilities;

Vine Grip: Vines come out the ground and grab the target.

Thorn Throw: Thorns grow up from the ground where the user desires.

Solar Take: A large plant grows out of the ground which blocks all light.
This plant then transforms in to a green dragon made of the earth. This
dragon is 100ft tall and will not back down until the user desires.

Name: Inimit
Element: Magic
Gender: Male
Type: Land Evolved
Ability: Can teleport.

Notes: Even though he is a Land Evolved Mimic, he can fly o.O; His four
wings are a mutation. Like all Land Evolved Mimics his build is cobra-ish.

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