In the River

You are walking along the edge of the river when you come upon something very odd. A patch of water is making a tall hump in the river. You don't see any rocks or other barriers to be causing this strange phenomena. You lean down to peer at the water.

Suddenly it leaps out at you, knocking you down! It's not water at all, it's a blue-furred Kat! He lands next to you, and cocks his head to peer at you out of the corner of his eye.

"You are far to curious for your own good, stranger," the Kat states complacently. "Not everything that lives in the water is friendly." You see a brief flash of his white teeth and hurriedly you back up a few paces.

"My name is Fuuente, and my scrapbook is over there, if you care to see it."

Name: Fuuente
Gender: Male
Species: Raveen Kat
Age: Grown-up
Parentage: Unknown/Wild
Element: Water
Pride: Pride of the Horizon Breaking
Mate: Verdes
Children: None
From: Ice Plains
Notes: His coloration is a bit odd, his markings are actually blended in to
his fur. This is due to the fact that he was born during the Month of Rain,
the month in which Water Kats are 'blessed'. He has one gold ring in his
left ear, and his eyes are a reflective orange.
His pendant actually glows, but hold no power. It's fish like in shape,
but has no visible details.

His ability:

Surf: Creates a huge tidal wave which can crush bones.

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