"Welcome to the Storm of the Spring Flowers!"

Spiral Haze FlameStallionLeadSilvanon
Spendid FlameStallionSecondSilvanon
Crystal Haze FlameMareLeadSilvanon
Sweet Dreams FlameMareSecondSilvanon
Blazing FlameMareThirdSilvanon
Scented Rose FlameMareFourthSilvanon
Dove FlameMareFifthRhiannon
Morning Mist FlameMareSixthRhiannon

Please note: Spiral Haze Flame and Crystal Haze Flame may not mate together.

Spiral Dreams FlameMare Spiral Haze FlameSweet Dreams FlameSilvanon
Splendid Rose FlameMareSplendid FlameScented Rose FlameSilvanon
Splendid Blaze FlameMareSplendid FlameBlazing FlameSilvanon
Falling Waves FlameMareSplendid FlameCrystal Haze FlameSilvanon

Approved Fosterers

If you foster a Flame from this Storm, please notify Silvanon at silvanon@hotmail.com.
All Flames belonging to Silvanon are open fostering--all are approved.
Dove Flame: Storm members only
Morning Mist Flame: Storm members only

Storm Openings

This storm currently has openings for two mares. If your Flame would like to join the Storm of the Spring Flowers, please email Silvanon at silvanon@hotmail.com.

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