In front of you is a large and neatly clipped lawn. A path cuts through the lawn, leading to two stables. To the left of the stables is a large arena. You walk towards the stable on the left, which has a sign over the door, proclaiming "Silver Stallions."

You enter the stable, and are confronted with a long hall lined with stall doors. Looking inside the stalls, you see that they are lined with fresh straw, and neatly kept. Outside each stall door is a name plaque with information.

Name: Versali's Golden Sun Break
Call: Sunny
ID#: VS4
Gender: Male
Parentage: Unknown
Name: Versali's Winter Chill
Call: Winter
ID#: VS98
Gender: Male
Parentage: Unknown
Notes: White pony with grey mane
Name: Silver's Breaking Clouds
Call: Break
ID#: VS101
Gender: Male
Father: Versali's Golden Sun Break
Mother: Versali's Cloud Jumper
Birthstable: Silver Stables
Notes: Dapple grey pony

Versali Stables

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