"Welcome to the Pack of the Jewel Hearts!"

HeadshotNameGenderParentsBirth PackElementCaretakerPermission Needed
Winter HelperMBuck Escaper x Chilled SilenceAmethyst GlowAnimal - Snow Shoe HareSilvanonNo
Magic SingerMPandemonium x Magical MischiefAmethyst GlowEnchantedSilvanonNo
Summer WaitingMStick Enraged x Bursting SlyAmethyst GlowEarthSilvanonNo
Pumpkin PatchMWhispered Watcher x Bewinged Black & Blue BatAmethyst GlowHalloween - MLPArriakiNo
HeadshotNameGenderParentsBirth PackElementCaretakerPermission Needed
Current CoyFWhispered Watcher x Flowing UniqueAmethyst GlowAirSilvanonNo
Alluvium BeholderFWildWildEarthMyrror???
Silmarwen HelyanwëFWildWildEarthElara???
Forest SpectrumFWildWildEarthPega???
Fire WalkerFWildWildFirePhoenyxFyreNo
HeadshotNameGenderParentsBirth PackElementCaretakerPermission Needed

NameMSilmarwen Helyanwë x Pumpkin PatchEarthCaretaker

Jeweled Wolves come from the Natcka Timber Lands

Please note that some Pack members may require permission before you can have a breeding from them.
For those that don't require permission, please still notify the parent's caretakers when you get a pup.

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