"Welcome to the Pack of the Moon Howling!"

HeadshotNameGenderParentsBirth PackElementCaretakerPermission Needed
Misted SorrowMWildWildAirReptile GirlNo
River StalkerMWildWildWaterSaturnaliaNo
Dark MagisMWildWildMageLady StormYes
Snowdrift LoveMWildWildArcticArriakiNo
Void WatcherMWildWildPureLessa LynnNo
Unholy LegendMWildWildDemonPhoenyxFyreNo
Risen DeadMWildWildHalloween - ZombieSunBlindNo
Duststorm FlyFWildWildEarthSilvanonNo
Gothic ObserverFWildWildHalloween-cGothicLady StormYes
Icey ChillFWildWildArcticLady StormYes
Gifted MirageFWildWildCopy (Enchanted)TheleNo
Royal DreamerFWildWildAllSunBlindNo
Dread EnchanterFMidnight Enchanter x Dread SummoningAmethyst GlowDemonLessa LynnNo
HeadshotNameGenderParentsBirth PackElementCaretakerPermission Needed

NamePureFDread Enchanter x Void WatcherLessa Lynn
NameArcticMDuststorm Fly x Snowdrift LoveArriaki
NameDemonMRoyal Dreamer x Unholy LegendSunBlind

Jeweled Wolves come from the Natcka Timber Lands

Please note that some Pack members may require permission before you can have a breeding from them.
For those that don't require permission, please still notify the parent's caretakers when you get a pup.

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