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IDHerd TypeNameName MeaningSpecies
1ClanClan of Silent Reverie--Faymaah
2ClanClan of the Lemonade Stand--Faymaah
3PodIdon'SevchinLucky StarfishAqe'sarien
4PodLolo'MoihaieSwift CurrentsAqe'sarien
5ClanClan of the Tulips--Che Quin
6BandDundraBand of the ButterfliesCrystal Unicorn
7BandDalli'trolaiBand of the Painted FeathersCrystal Unicorn
8BandZteksiasBand of the SnowflakeCrystal Unicorn
9BandCayba'ShayneBand of the Moon CrystalCrystal Unicorn
10BandCzancani'palmnBand of the Melodic RythemsCrystal Unicorn
11BandWarhmt'devnaBand of the Summer HarmonyCrystal Unicorn
12BandZtekia'HaltiBand of the Snowy MountainCrystal Unicorn
13BandCord'CraveiiBand of the Dual DestiniesCrystal Unicorn
14BandLaycen'lo'shireBand of Ribbons and LaceCrystal Unicorn
15BandJun'ChiantaBand of the Grey SkiesCrystal Unicorn
16BandZwrillian'KadoBand of Swirling MagicCrystal Unicorn
17BandAmaar'CaybaBand of the Knight MoonCrystal Unicorn
18BandArianBand of RainbowsCrystal Unicorn
19BandAneg'TolkaiBand of Rare BeautyCrystal Unicorn
20BandZteky'casenSnow Caps BandCrystal Unicorn
21BandCer'ZeberianBand of Simple ContrastsCrystal Unicorn
22BandSheer'DaziesBand of the White FlowersCrystal Unicorn
23BandYazzar'RyanianBand of the Falling RainCrystal Unicorn
24BandNey'DashinHoney Pots BandCrystal Unicorn
25StormStorm of the Distant Star--Flame Unicorn
26StormStorm of the Heaven's Lights--Flame Unicorn
27StormStorm of the Rainbow Crystal--Flame Unicorn
28StormStorm of the Spring Flowers--Flame Unicorn
29StormStorm of the Raindrop Gems--Mini Flame Unicorns
30PackYuet'frenerMidnight TrailMoonsung Wolf
31PackEnsen'LluenSilent MoonMoonsung Wolf
32PackZoi'LilaForest HeartMoonsung Wolf
33PackLinan'AddaHoliday SugarMoonsung Wolf
34TribeZebker'jummelMoon's SpiritZenix
35TribePhar'ArrystaSun SoulsZenix
36FlyghtFlyght of the Desert Sun--Orania Pegasus