Zerah's Weyr

First Meeting

Zerah's Weyr

You enter yet another weyr. There is, as usual, the large impression of a dragon couch of to the left in the first room. There is a large tapestry depicting a tree behind it. The background color is an out-dated orangy-brown, but the tree is nice. On the floor is a long blue rug. Curious lines wander around the blue field. You stare at them for a while, and finally realize they outline a flaming dragon. Back in the left corner is an old wooden bench, and there are shelves on the back wall. A green bottle sits on one of them, but for the most part they are empty. A colorful curtain on the back wall covers what you suppose is the entrance to the human sleeping quarters.


Just then you hear a russle from the sleeping quarters. The curtain is drawn back, and a young woman walks through. Your first impression is of light brown hair, green eyes, and a rather long nose. She sees you and gives a start. "Oh!" she says, and her hands lift. "Oh, I'm just not used to this."

"Um, used to what?" you ask.

"Used to random people walking in at all hours," she replies.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you," you say. "I'll go."

"Oh, no, no. No need for that. I like visitors, I'm just not used to them." She shakes her head and smiles. "I'm still getting used to this whole weyr life thing."

"Really?" you inquire.

"Yes, I'm new here. My parents are both weavers, so I grew up in the Weaver Crafthall. It's rather more quiet than here." sees you looking at the tapestry and rug. She laughs. "Yes, I made those."

"Oh," You try to think of something polite to say, as you wriggle your toes in the lumpy rug underneath.

The woman laughs again. "It's a good thing I was searched by the weyr...I'm a miserable weaver!"

You smile in relief, grateful to abandon your search for a compliment. "So," you say, "do you have a dragon?"

"No, not yet. I am a candidate at Dawn Sisters Weyr, though. We'll see if I manage to impress."

Just then you hear Raidly calling your name from outside. "There's my name," you say, "I'd better go see what it's about. Before I go, though, may I ask your name?"

The woman smiles. "My name is Zerah."

A Few Days Later...

You are in the weyr again, when you suddenly remember your visit to Zerah. You decide to drop by again and see how she is doing. As you enter the weyr, you hear laughter, and then Zerah's voice. "Slow down, Valonth! You'll choke!"

You conclude that Zerah has managed to impress, and hurry forward to see the new dragon. Zerah is kneeling on the rug, with a platter of meat scraps beside her, and a small green dragon in front. The platter is nearly empty, and as you watch, Zerah pops the last few bits of meat into the hatchling's mouth.


The little dragon, seeing that the food is gone, closes her eyes and yawns hugely. She waddles over to the dragon couch, curls up, and falls asleep.

Zerah watches the little green with a fond smile. After a few minutes you begin to feel uncomfortalbe and clear your throat. Zerah jumps and turns. Her mouth forms a silent "Oh," and she seems a bit embarresed.

"Congratulations!" you whisper.

"Thanks," she whispers back.

You smile and wave goodbye, leaving Zerah to tend to her new friend.

Another Day...

You poke your head inside Zerah's weyr. No one is there. Just then you hear a thump behind you. You turn around and see Valonth picking herself up from her landing. She scrables up, takes a quick look over herself, and neatly flips her wings onto her back. Then she walks past you to the dragon couch and settles down with her head on her forepaws. She is looking a bit sleepy now, but her eyes gleam out at you, daring you to criticize her flying.

Just then you hear feet running up the stone steps leading to the weyr. Zerah bursts into the room, panting and out of breath. "I told you to watch the landing, you wherry!" she exclaims when she catches sight of Valonth. "Did you get hurt?" Zerah tips her head slightly, listening. "Well, let me see anyways." Zerah walks past you, ignoring you as much as her dragon did.

After several minutes of carefull examination Valonth is finally pronounced unhurt, and Zerah finally looks up towards you. "Hello," she says, sounding tired.

"Are you okay?" you ask, suddenly concerned.

"Oh, yes. I'm fine. I've just been running after Valonth all day," she looks towards Valonth. "And I thought that it would get easier once you started hunting your own food!"

"Would you like some Klah or something?" she asks you.

You consider it, but you can see that she is just being polite, and that she would welcome a nap. "No, I just stopped by to say Hi," you tell her, and head for the door.

"Thank you for coming," she says. "Visit again soon."

Time Passes...

You find yourself once again curious to see the doings of Zerah and Valonth. So, you hike up to their weyr, hoping to catch them there. Ah, you're in luck! There is Valonth, curled up in her couch. Zerah is bound to be nearby as well. You step into the weyr, and Valonth stands up. She gives her wings a stretch and then settles them against her back.

"Who's here, Val?" you hear Zerah shout from her room.

"It's just me!" you yell back. You wait a moment, and Zerah appears, dressed in wherehide you notice.

"Hello!" she calls out merrily. "Ah, I'm sorry you hiked all the way up here. Val and I are just on our way to weyrling flight practice. I'm afraid I don't have time to chat, but I can offer you a ride back down."

"Really?" you say. "That would be great. I confess I didn't know you two were so far along."

Zerah laughs, and helps you get up on Valonth. With a stomach-twising dive Valonth leaves the weyr ledge. The ride to the cavern floor is brief, but definatly fun. You thank Zerah and Valonth, and then they leave to join the group of young dragons over by the lake. You smile, and think your hike up was well worth it.

So quickly...

It has been over a year since you first met Zerah as an impression hopeful, and you find yourself once again ascending up to her weyr. A brassy bugle greets you as you enter, confirming that Valonth is indeed home.

You walk past her, waving cheerfully, to where you see Zerah sitting on her bench. You notice that she is carefully mending one of the straps on her fighting harness. "So, a full flegded member of the weyr, eh?" you say jovially.

"Indeed we are," replies Zerah. With a sigh she adds, "Time passes so quickly. Val's not my little munchkin anymore."

Valonth's head swivels towards Zerah, who cocks her head slightly, listening. Then she bursts out laughing. "Val informs me that she has never been a munchkin, and she wonders if you thought to bring any yever fruit with you."

"She likes yever?" you ask in surprise.

"Oh, yes. I think almost all the dragons do," replies Zerah, while you fish in your pockets. Ah, there it is! You do indeed have a yever fruit. You present it to Valonth, who takes it gracefully, and proceeds to eat it, pit and all. It makes a rather decided crunching sound.

"Valonth wishes me to convey her thanks," Zerah says with a smile.

You spend well over an hour in the company of Zerah and Valonth before regretfully announcing that it's time for you to go.

"Goodbye!" Zerah calls after you. "Come back often!" Valonth adds a bugle to second her.

Name: Zerah
Age: 20
Gender: Female
From: Weaver Crafthall
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'7"
Candidate at: Dawn Sisters Weyr

Name: Valonth
Age: Adult
Type: Dragon
Color: Green
Gender: Female
Mother: Gillith
Father: Branth
Siblings: 15
Mate: Nope
Children: Um...
From: Dawn Sisters Weyr

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