You're wandering around the meadow trying to decide where to go next, when suddenly the grass near your feet rustles. You immediately jump back, thinking of snakes, but after a moment when the grass doesn't move any more you become currious. Carefully you part the grass until you see a small creature. It's white and small and roundish, with big purple eyes that stare up at you. The look is completed by two tiny ears perched atop its body.

"Cuuuute!" you can't help exclaiming. The little creature blinks at this, and seems to turn shy. It wiggles back into the grasses until only one eye shows, peering up at you still.

Cella at basic stage

Some days later you pass by the same area. You remember the cute little creature you saw before, and search among the grasses for it. Instead of finding a cute little round creature, though, you come across something rather equinish. She seems rather surprised at having been found, and she blushes cutely. "Awe, she's as cute as the last creature!" you think to yourself. Then, looking some more, you realize that her coloration seems awfully familiar....

Cella evolved

Name: Cella
Species: Yulacoo
ID: 0005
Gender: Female
Alignment: Fire
From: Yulacoos

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