Xerra, Yishra and Bubbles


You are looking around the meadow when you suddenly spot a drigus. She's dragon-bodied and orange with a white mane. Huh. You haven't seen a drigus with a white mane before. You stare at her bemusedly.

She seems to notice you looking. She walks over and stares down at you. Then she gives a small laugh, and says rather ruefully, "Oh come on. I'm not that odd."

You blink, and hastily try to appologize, realizing you've been rude. The drigus shakes her head. "It's okay. Nearly everyone does that the first time they see me. You'd think I was a mutation or something."

"You aren't?" you say, surprised.

"Of course not," replies the drigus. "Drigus mares choose what color of mane their children will have when they lay their eggs." Seeing your incredilous look, she continues. "It's one of the more visible manifestations of drigetti magic."

"Oh," you reply, unable to think of anything better.

"We do, however, have a geniunly mutated drigus here in the meadow."

"Huh?" you say.

"Over there," Xerra points with one claw. "He was a gift from Myrror. Named Yishra."

"Ah," you turn and look.

Yishra sits back on his haunches and offers you a hoof. After a moment's consideration, you shake it gently. "Hello," he says.

"Hello, there," you reply. "You're certainly an unusual drigus."

Yishra grins. "Yup. That's 'cuz I'm a mutation. My body color and my mane color got mixed up. Silvanon says it makes me look extra cute." Yishra pauses and leans closer to you. His voice drops to a conspiratal whisper. "She also says it makes me extra cocky."

Xerra shakes her head. "I'm afraid he's a bit spoiled," she sighs. Just then a small orange shape comes bounding out from nowhere and bumps into you. It takes a step back, shakes it's head, then looks up at you.

"Oops, sorry. Uh, hi! My name is Bubbles," the drigus says. She beings bouncing impatinetly.

"Hello," you say cautiously.

"Well, nice to meet you! Gotta go!" Bubbles runs a few steps. Suddenly she slids to a halt and runs back to you. "Don't forget the scrapbook!" she exclaims, before taking off again.


Name: Xerra
Age: Adult
Type: Drigus
Gender: Female
Color: Orange
Mane: White
Mother: Yibecka
Father: Tyrieve
Siblings: N/A
Mate: None yet
Children: Nope.
From: Drigetti Dreams

Xerra as a teen:

Xerra as a hatchling:

Xerra as an egg:

Name: Yishra
Age: Adult
Type: Drigus
Gender: Male
Mother: Dru'sli
Father: Tral'igh
Siblings: N/A
Mate: None yet
Children: Nope.
From: Dru'siti Desert

Body: d,d
Head: t,t
Feet: h, h
Tail: m,t*
Ears: d,d
Spines: Y,Y
Color: w,w
Whiskers: N,y
Mutation: y,y

Yishra's egg:

Yishra the hatchling:

Yishra the teen:

Name: Bubbles
Age: Adult
Type: Drigus
Gender: Female
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Mate: Nope.
Children: Ah...
From: Dr'y'etti'ny

Bubbles the baby:

Head: T*, h
Feet: H*, H
Body: t*, h
Whiskers: N*, n
Mutations: n, Y
Tail: T*, T
Spines: N, N*

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