Anidwra'chaur kyo~Tweenja

There's a strange animal pacing the edge of the meadow. She seems vaguely equine, but there's definately a preditory look about her mouth and eyes. Her white coat gleams in contrast with her chrome mane. "What is she?" you whisper to Silvanon.

Apparently "she" has excellent hearing, for she quickly replies, "I am a wris'talora, of course." She paces up to you, and takes a sniff at your clothing. You start a bit as her pointed teeth are revealed. "Oh, don't worry, I don't bite," she says. "Usually. My name is Anidwra'chaur kyo~Tweenja, Silver Snow of Darkness in your language. Silvanon here is my bondmate. Ah, well, I'll be going now." Anidwra walks off.

You frown. "What did she mean, 'usually?'"

Silvanon laughs and runs a hand through her hair. "The wris'talora bond by biting their intended," she explains. "It was a rather unusual experience."

"She bit you?" you exclaim.

"Uh-huh." Silvanon holds out her right arm, and you see several half-healed puncture marks. "It didn't hurt really. Just rather took me by surprise." Silvanon shrugs. "I'd say it was worth it. Anidwra is a good companion, if a bit independent."

"Where did she come from?" you ask.

"She was a gift from Myrror."

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