A Pair of Whorlings

"There are a lot of equines here in the Meadow," you muse to yourself, as you watch yet another cappering over the grass. This one is particularly pretty: black, with a silvery-purple mane, and large butterfly wings. Then, like a lightning-bolt hitting, you realize that the so-called equine has an extra pair of legs! (Maybe this thing has more in common with butterflies than you thought?) You must definately investigate.

You hurry over, and basically blurt out, "What are you?" The creature looks at you with a mixture of surpise and humor. "I'm a whorling," he states calmly. Too calmly. You rather think he is teasing you.

"What's that?" goodness, you are being blunt today. "Pretty much anything," he replies, to your utter confusion. "My name is Saff." You graps onto something you can understand. "Saff. Nice to meet you."

Saff bows, then asks "Would you like to meet the other whorling?" You nod and look about, expecting to see another equine. Instead, you see a seal-like creature.

She has apparently been listening in on the conversation, because the first thing she says is "I'm a type of whorling known as a finned seal." She looks up at you with cute puppydog eyes. "My name is Mar."

Well, you decide, if I'm ever going to figure out just what a whorling is, I'd best find out where they come from. As if reading your mind, Mar says, "Whorlings come from EverRealm." You blink at her and wonder if she really did read your mind. Abruptly she says, "Well, time for us to go!" And with that, both she and Saff leave.

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