Vearsha's Place

As you walk through a strangely empty spot of the Meadow. You can't help but feel that something ought to live here. But, as far as you can tell, it's home to no one. Feeling slightly unsettled, you are about to leave, when suddenly something bumps you from behind. You leap into the air, entirely startled. Upon landing, you whirl around, just in time to see a small brown foal with bright blue eyes galloping away.

"Hey!" you shout. "Come back!" The foal turns and looks at you, eyes big. You realize that your anticts have probably scared him much worse than he scared you. "Come back," you repeat in a softer voice. "I'm sorry."

The foal grins and swishes his tail as he trots up to you again. "Hello!" he says in a cheerful if soft voice.

"Hello. What's your name? And what are you?" you ask.

"I'm Gysui, and I'm a Vearsha," he states. His voice is a bit muffled, however, for he's very involved in searching your pockets. Finally he retreats, looking a bit disgruntled. "Awe, you don't have anything good to eat." With that, he trots off again.

Another day, you are wandering through the Meadow again, when suddenly you see a strangely familiar equine form...

"Wow, you grew up quite nicely," you think at him. Perhaps he still remembers how you didn't have anything good to eat, however, for though he sees you and nods to you, he doesn't come over. "Ah well," you think. It still makes you smile when he suddenly gallops off, not quite repressing the urge to kick up his heels a little.

You are about to leave, when you feel something snuffing about your feet. You twist around to look, and see a sweet little vearsha foal. Her little tail switches about excited as she explores the grass around your feet.

"Oh, well hello!" you say, smiling. The filly looks up at you, her cheeks bulging with grass. She swallows, then replies. "Hello. Who are you? I've never seen you around here before."

You explain how you came to be in Alonnia, and the filly listens attentively. "Wow," she says when you're finished. "I come from another world also, but I live here now. Are you going to live here now too?" Taken aback, you wonder how you're going to explain. But, she doesn't give you time. "My name is Tuire's'Jel. See ya!" And with that the filly runs off.

A long while later, you are wandering through the meadow again. You catch sight of a somehow familiar looking creature, colored in yellow and white. Could it be the little filly you met before?

Name: Gysui
Meaning: Watcher
Race: Vearsha
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Parents: Zeire'Gye+Dyela'Ros
Siblings: ??
Mate: Nope.
Children: Not yet.
From: ShatterStars

Name: Tuire's'Jel
Meaning: "Nature's Song"
Race: Vearsha
Age: Adult
ID: 057
Gender: Female
Parents: Ala'Zza+Fallo'Clok
Siblings: ??
Mate: Not yet.
Children: Not yet.
From: ShatterStars

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