Vanari Pegasi

You spot a Pegasus flying high above you....


He stays distant for awhile, then swoops down suddenly, landing quite near you. From above he had looked black and teal, but closer up you see he actually has a dark dappled grey coat, and that his wings have a row of pink feathers in between the teal. What catches your eye, though, is the bundle of roses woven set at base of his tail. They seem a little at odds with the firey expression in his eye, and you wonder what their significance is. You hope for a moment to speak with him, but, no, he's moving away too quickly. Ah well, it seems this mystery won't be solved just yet.

Name: Dajianki'se'ta'Zyraai
Meaning: Champion of the Roses
Species: Vanari Pegasi
ID: 003
Gender: Stallion
Mother: wild
Father: wild
From: Rivanara

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