Terry's Weyr

First Meeting

You enter yet another weyr. The dragon couch is large and well-shaped, but you'd guess from the amount of dust floating around that it hasn't been used in awhile. Still, the weyr is well made and well lit. You suppose a dragon could be quite comfortable here. Suddenly you are startled by a "Hello" floating out of the back recesses of the cave. You realize that there is another smaller opening back there.

You start walking towards it, but before you can, a young human comes out of it. He has dark eyes, deep brown hair, and is wearing a faded orange shirt. He holds out a hand to you and says, "My name is Terry." You shake the hand, and he continues. "I'm a candidate at PTMystics Dragon Adoptions. I'm very sorry, but I really must get back to cleaning. The weyr has to be nice in case I impress!"

A Few Weeks Later...

You learn from the weyr gossip that PTMystics has had it's hatching, and get a sudden urge to see if Terry managed to impress. You run up to his weyr, and are greeted by the sight of a large if young brown dragon.

The brown gives a hungry bugle when he spots you. You blink and back up a step, but from the back recesses of the cave, you hear Terry yell, "I'm coming, Zanth! I'm coming. Hold on a minute!" Terry appears, carefully balancing a tray of meat. You immediately notice that he is still wearing that awful orange shirt.

"Oh, hello!" Terry spots you. "Please excusse me if I seem a bit preoccupied. Zanth assures me he is starving."

You laugh and assure him you understand. Terry begins popping meat into Zanth's mouth, and you pull over a chair. The two of you chat for awhile, and you get to hear the story of Zanth's impression in full detail. When the tray of meat is gone and Zanth is curled in blissful sleep, you reluctantly decide it is time to go.

A While Later...

You make your way up the stony path and enter Terry's weyr. You are immediately met with the sight of the now-larger Zanth. He produces a brassy bugle, and you can feel the bass vibrations rattling your bones.

Once your ears have stopped ringing, you greet Zanth. "And good morning to you, Zanth."

Just then Terry emerges from the back. "Hello, hello," he says. You turn to look at him. My goodness, he must really like that orange shirt. You can't imagine why.

"Hello, Terry," you say. "Good to see you. Zanth has certainly grown."

Terry looks pleased. "Yes, he's coming along nicely. We'll be able to start flying soon. In fact," Terry takes a quick glance outside, "we need to get to practice now. Thanks for coming by, though."

You smile and wish Terry good luck.

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