You are walking with Silvanon among the trees at the edge of the meadow when suddenly you hear a loud bass trumpeting. You both turn towards it, and see a big lavendar dragon coming towards you. "Oh," says Silvanon. "It's Teradex." Teradex comes to a halt in front of you, and stands shifting from foot to foot. Once he flaps his wings restlessly, and you catch a flash of yellow.

"Terry," Silvanon says to the dragon, "say hello to our guest."

The dragon looks at you, and in your mind you hear him say, "Hello, I'm glad to meet you. Do you happen to have a peacock feather?"

"Uh, no" you say, making a quick search of your pockets. "Why?"

"I'm on a treasure hunt!" exclaims Terry. "The next thing on my list is a peacock feather. I already found a mint-toothpick." Terry shows you the toothpick. "I have a silver penny now too. My new mate, Tehgh gave it too me. Wasn't that sweet of her? Don't tell Mark, though, 'cuz he doesn't know I have it. Well, I have to keep looking." Terry turns as if to go, but then looks over his shoulder at you. "My scrapbook is just over there, if you'd like to see it."

You pick up the scrapbook and have just started looking at it when suddenly a boy runs up to you and beggins tugging on your sleave. You look up, feeling annoyed, but the emotion quickly evaporates as you see the earnest look in his hazel eyes. "Do you have any silver pennies?" he asks.

"No," you reply, "are you doing the treasure hunt too?"

"Yeah," replies the boy. "I have to find everything on this list before my dragon, Terry, does. Well, bye!"

The boy runs off, and you turn your attention back to the scrapbook.

Name: Teradex
Age: Adult
Species: Vortex Dragon
Color: Purple
Gender: Male
Looks To: Mark
Father: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Mate: Tehgh
Children: 11 eggs on the sands! (Terry smiles happily.)
From: Vortex Dragon Adoptions

Terry the adult:

Terry as a Teen:

Terry as a Hatchling:

Terry was a special gift from Gryphon. Thanks Gryphon! :)

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