A Secluded Spot

After walking about the meadow for some time, you suddenly feel inclided to explore among the trees. Vering off to your right, you pass the treeline and enter the forest. Its cooler here among the trees, which you enjoy after having been in the sunny meadow for so long. At first you just wander aimlessly, but eventually you notice that you are actually following some sort of a path. It's very thin, just barely there, winding about among the underbrush. You follow it for some time, and begin to wonder if it even leads anywhere. Then you come to a fork in the path. You're not sure you'd be able to find your way back if you continue, at least not if the path is going to take lots of turns. You stand there for awhile, wondering what to do. Finally, you decide to go back. Turning around, you notice something next to the path. One of the trees has an oddly shaped root, which rises up to form a good sized hollow. You peer inside, but quickly jerk back. There's a wolf in there! As you pull back, she bounds out. She glances at you with a strange expression, before disappearing among the trees.

Name: Veth'bonni
Meaning: Breeze of Life
Age: Shadow Stone
Gender: Female
Aura: Cure
Pack: None yet.
Rank: None yet

Cure: The ability to cure any disease, or poison that's affecting a wolf's body.
Regenerate: Able to regenerate and lost limbs.
Full Heal: The ability to heal any fatal or non-fatal wounds.

Strengths: Able to withstand devestating blows without sustaining injury.

Weaknesses: Very susceptible to fire and heat.

Notes: The two large dark markings are cure scars. Once caught in a large battle, this wolf
was struck by lightning, and survived.

From: Kurrama Valley

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