Song of the South Wind

You come upon a series of four hotsprings, roughly layed out in a square. A sign next to the springs declares "Tradewind Hotsprings, home to Samanayr Songs." You notice that next to each individual spring, there is a smaller sign. Looking at one, you read "Song of the South Wind." You wonder for a moment, before finally noticing several small equines.

Name: Hint of Winds Icing
Gender: Stallion
Name: Still of Summer Air
Gender: Mare
Name: Gust of Solar Flare
Gender: Mare
Name: Nectar of the RoanFlower
Call: Roanflower~Nectar
Gender: Mare

Song Offspring

Cresting of the Winter TideStill of Summer AirMareKislah
Setting of the Violet MoonStill of Summer AirStallionLainie
Line of the Winter HorizonGust of Solar FlareMareBrightPromise
Hope of Winter's EndNectar of the Roan FlowerMareSilvanon

Please Note: This song is hearby declaired open fostering: Any who wishes has permission to apply for a breeding from this song. I do, however, ask that you send me the info. & URL if you get a foal, so that I can put it on the Offspring list. I love to see the babies! *g* Email:

Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings

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