Shawn and Orianeth's Place

You walk inside a large spacious cave. Surprisingly, it is rather warm inside. Tapestries hang on the walls in several places, giving the cave a homey, lived-in look. At the back of the cave you notice a smaller opening leading farther back into the mountain.

In the middle of the room you see a large bronze dragon.


At the sight of you, the dragon turns it's head towards the doorway at the back of the cave. Unsure of what he's doing, you just stand there waiting. It's not long, though, before you hear the the sound of feet coming from the opening. A young man appears, carrying a glowbasket in one hand, and a tray in the other. Upon seeing you, he places the basket on a shelf in the wall.

ShawnYou are struck immediately by his smile, which he flashes at you over his shoulder. He seems delighted to see you. Afterwards, you begin to notice other things about him. He is of medium height and build, and has his wirey blond hair cut short. His deep brown eyes twinkle goodnatured amusement. He wears a plain white shirt, and brown, rather dusty pants. The bronze turns his head towards Shawn, who absently begins to scratch an eye-ridge.

"Hello," he says, "my name is Shawn. Thanks for stopping by. Orianeth said we had a visitor, so I brought out some food. Can I interst you in a redfruit or some klah?"

You gladly accept. Shawn gestures you towards a table, and the two of you sit down. The two of you talk for awhile. Among other things, you learn that Orianeth has been participating in mating flights, but as of yet has not caught a gold. Orianeth looks rather wistfull at the possiblity of a mate. Shawn seems certain that it is only Orianeth's youth that has kept him from being successful, and that he will one day triumph.

Finally, you stand up to leave. Before you go, though, Orianeth looks at you and says, "There's a scrapbook over on the desk.."

Name: Orianeth
Age: Adult
Type: Bronze Dragon
Gender: Male
Rider: Shawn
Mother: Taziath
Father: N/A
Mate: *sigh* None yet.
Childen: None.
From: Azerith's Weyr.

Orianeth as a young adult:

Young Adult Orianeth

Orianeth as a weyrling:

Orianeth the Weyrling

Orianeth as a hatchling:

Orianeth the Hatchling

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