Saraih's Place


You notice a strange animal sitting on a grassy rise. It looks a little like a dog or a cat, but the fur is blue, and long hair falls from its heads. Her eyes look around with great intelligence. Silvanon notices you looking at her. "That's Sariah," she tells you. "She's a meliox. She has a sweet personality. You should go say hi."

You decide to take Silvanon's advice, and approach the meliox. Sariah notices you coming and seems to smile. "Hello," you say.

"Hello!" Sariah responds.

"So, where are you from?" you ask her.

"I'm from Meliox Adoptions," she replies. Suddenly someone calls Sariah's name from across the meadow. "Oh!" says Sariah. "I've got to go. It was nice to meet you!"

Silvanon smiles and hands you Sariah's scrapbook.

Name: Sariah
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Species: Meliox
Relatives: N/A
Mate: Kirby
Children: Kara

Meliox Adoptions

Marriage Certificate

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