Whoa! Something crashes into you from behind, and you fall to the ground. The impact knocks the wind out of you. There's something heavy on your back, and frantically you twist your head around to see what it is. There's a large purple cat of some kind sitting on you!

He's got his nose in the air, and he triumphantly announces, "Got ya!"

"Um, please could you get off me?" you plead. "You're making it hard to breath." The cat stands up and leaps off of you, the downward force of the the jump forcing the breath out of your lungs again. Gingerly you roll over and inspect yourself. Well, you've got a scratch or two, but fortuantely it looks like nothing serious. You stand up, hearing your backbone creak.

The purple cat (who you can see now is just a cub) takes a look at your face, then falls to the ground laughing, and rolling about. "What's so funny?" you demand, but the cub is far to gone in laughter to be able to respond. Finally he manages to force out the words, "Your face is covered in dirt!" Which observation brings on another laughing fit.

The cub's rolling about brings him to you, and upon bumping into your legs, he begins batting at your feet. Hastily you step away. "So what are you anyway?" you ask. The giggles cut off like an engine suddenly killed. The cub scrambles to his feet, shakes the dust out of his coat, then puts himself in a proud stance, head held high.

"I am a Raveen Kat," he announces haughtily. "My name is Romuulus." Romuulus stares you in the eye boldly, daring you to find anything wrong with this. You goggle at Romuulus, surprised by this sudden change in demeanor. He obviously feels the need to uphold the pride of his species.

"I am very pleased to me you, Romuulus Raveen Kat," you state as formally as you can. Romuulus looks pleased. "So Romuulus, do you have a scrapbook I might look at?"

Romuulus nods. "Yes, I do," he pauses and seems to frown. "But, I forget where it's at." Then he grins at you, all cub again, and with a leap (which you manage to dodge) he bounds off to the other end of the meadow.

Some months later.....

You find yourself wandering through the meadow again, when off to one side you notice a vaguely familiar shape. You look, trying not to stare, at the now-grown Romuulus. His frame is long and lanky, and he carries himself with a pride you remember from his cubhood. He must have felt you looking, because he turns his head to look slyly back at you.

Romuulus's tail lashes back and forth for a minute as he regards you. His eyes shift once to Silvanon, standing beside you, and then he seems to lose interest. He walks away without even having said hello.

"Well," you say, rather at a loss for words. Silvanon, overhearing this, mearly grins. "We've got his scrapbook over there, if you'd like to see it," she says.

Name: Romuulus
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Element: Sunset (Sub-element of Air)
Mother: ???
Father: ???
Siblings: N/A
Mate: None
Children: Uh...
From: GryphonIce's Raveen Kat Adoptions.

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