Over the next hill, you come upon another herd of Roans

Name: Dele
Gender: Doe
ID: Hind10M
Class: Medium
Color/type: brown with stripes and speckle spots/Impala
Parents: Gelwin (Buck4S) x Carin (Doe7M)
Notes: Got Gelwin's stripes and tail, with Carin's spots and body build.

Name: Ashden
Gender: Buck
Id: Buck13L
Class: Large
Color/Type: Spotted White/Roan
Parents: Vlanco (Buck9L) x Shama (Doe8L)
Notes: Took after his daddy. Floppy ears!! <3

Name: Elebal
Gender: Doe
Id: Hind12L
Class: Large
Color/Type: Dark Brown/Waterbuck
Parents: Haval (Buck11L) x Lesha (Doe9L)
Notes: What a presious one. Haval and Lesha are very proud of her.

Name: Thoil
Gender: Buck
Id: Buck14L
Class: Large
Color/Type: Dark Brown/Bongo
Parents: Eyrin (Buck5L) x Palea (Doe11L)
Notes: Didn't keep much from his mother, took all the way after his father.

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