A Roanie

You are wondering where to go next. Suddenly you notice a small card lying by your feet. Looking down at it, you see that has a word written on it: "Roanie." Wondering what that could mean, you pick up the card. You flip it over and see that it's blank on the other side. Oh, well. You look up. Wait a minute! Your surroundings have completely changed. You're surrounded by trees now. As you wonder what in the world happened, a voice speaks to you. "Hello there! Thank you for coming to visit me." Looking around, you spot the speaker, a small deer-like creature. "I am Liath, first of the Roans to come to Alonnia."

The deer smiles a small smile up at you. You get the feeling he expects you to be impressed by him. He is quite pretty. He notices your look and seems satisfied. "Ah, I imagine you'll be wanting to meet the others," he says. "They're that way," he nods towards your left with his head. You follow the direction Liath indicated, and soon come upon a small clearing where several groups of roans are running around.

Gelwin Arilia Carin Reyda

Name: Liath
ID: Buck1S
Gender: Buck
Class: small
Color/markings: dark brown/okapi-only not since they on on his chest. ^^;;
Notes: He's a very special buck. A King buck for his size. Not many
will have that big a rack on their heads not even of the Large
classes and he knows it. ~.^
From: Roans
Name: Gelwin
Gender: Buck
Class: Small
Color/type: Light brown/Eland
Notes: Isn't he cute?
From: Roans
Name: Arilia
Age: Fawn
class: Small
Color/type: Brown with tiny brown spots/Dikdik
Notes: Nope not all fawns have white spots...
though the brown flea specking doesn't show up
as well in the scan, it is easier to see in the
Adult. XD Love the Bunny tail.
From: Roans


Name: Carin
ID: Doe7M
Gender: Doe
Color/type: Striped brown/Impala
notes: Hehe more fun with stripes and pose. Lack of tail.
From: Roans
Name: Reyda
ID: Doe8M
Gender: Doe
Class: Medium
Color/type: spotted light brown/Impala
From: Roans

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