Regalis Seeker: Kara Dennol

"Um, hi." The woman speaks, and offers a small smile. She's a bit nervous--evidenced by the way she lifts a hand to tuck her short brown hair behind an ear, and then drops it to fiddle with the hem of her skirt. Large brown eyes, rimmed with green, blink, drawing attention to long pale lashes. She looks to be in her early twenties.

"I suppose you want to know about me," the woman continues. "Let's see. I guess I'll start at the beginning. I was born in a rural town called Brandy Junction. It was named after Mr. Donald Brandy, who founded it. I'm a descendant of his cousin, James Dennol. Dennol isn't as big a name in as Brandy in my home town, but it's still pretty big. My name is Kara Dennol. My father, James Dennol IV, runs the town inn. Maybe you think it's a bit old-fashioned to have an inn anymore, but Brandy Junction is that kind of place. Besides, I loved growing up at the inn. Usually there was just enough custom to keep us busy without being overworked. It gave us time to talk to the travelers who came through, and I liked hearing stories about other places. I even heard about the Regali, which is not something that comes up in normal conversation in Brandy Junction." Here the woman's smile increases for a moment. "Of course, I didn't really imagine I'd ever go off and see those places I heard about. Mother kept all us kids busy, and I was happy enough.

"Now you're going to be asking how I ended up here. I don't like to tell people much, but I suppose you deserve to know. I had a sweetheart growing up, the son of the baker. He liked to cook, and so did I, and he always knew how to appreciate a well made turnover (my specialty)." Here the woman's eyes shine with fondness, but tempered with sadness as well. "As soon as I was of age, Mark asked for my hand in marriage. That was one of the happiest days of my life. Of course, not all good things last, and my happiness then didn't last. Mark never could say no to a dare, and one day he took a dare he shouldn't have, and broke his neck for it.

"I spent the next year crying my eyes out for him. And then, I wanted to move on. But, no one in Brandy Junction seemed to understand that. They all flinched away from me and spoke in whispers behind my back, talking about "poor Kara" this and "poor Kara" that. That made me feel downright lonely, in a way I hadn't been before I noticed it. It was like I was suddenly an outsider, made an outcast by a tragedy I didn't ask for. After a year of that, I finally realized that Brandy Junction wasn't going to forget, or let me forget.

"So, I decided to go out and see some of the world. I've passed through a lot of places on my way. I've found that I like to travel. Now I'm the traveler who tells stories to little innkeeper girls. It's lonely, though, and I'm tired of lonely. I'm not sure I'm ready to try marriage again yet. I grew up thinking I'd marry Mark, and it still seems a bit weird to think of marrying another man. But lately I've been remembering the tales of Regali, and I started to wonder if maybe one of them might like traveling, too."

A while later, another meeting...

The young woman offers a smile again, but this time it shows no evidence of nervousness. "I'll never forget the day Taiya and I bonded," she tells you. "I'd been waiting awhile to see if some Regalis might be my companion, but I'm not sure I really expected to find one. Certainly not one who manages to complete me so throughly. Well, there I was, busy trying to fix my lunch, when suddenly I heard the most beautiful sound. It just, you know, caught at my soul. I started looking around right away, I totally forgot what I'd been doing."

Here another voice interjects. It has a strangly melodic accent, and currently sounded teasing. It sounds in the mind, rather than aloud. "She really did forget. She stepped right in the jelly sandwich she'd been making. Created quite a mess, she did."

Kara blushes, but glances at Taiya with affection. "She never lets me forget that," she says, shaking her head and laughing. "Anyways, I started looking around, because somehow I felt like the sound had been directed at me. And pretty soon, wouldn't you know it, there's Taiya coming towards me. Our eyes met and, bam! connection!" The pair smile fondly at each other, seeming to forget everything else for a moment. "I don't feel lonely anymore," Kara says, finally.

"I should hope not," the mind-voice says. "I'm always with you, Kara, where ever you go." Taiya then continues in a less serious tone, "And we certainly do go! I never imagined there were so many different places in creation. It's fascinating! Each place has its own, unique beauty."

Kara laughs. "I'm not sure some times if it's me taking Taiya places, or the other way around. She never lets me sit in one place long enough to start feeling depressed. She's not trying to bully me or anything, she's just excited to see what's next."

"Speaking of which," interjects Taiya.

Grinning, Kara nods. "Yes, you're right. We have a ride to catch, I'm afraid we need to go."

The pair head off, Kara's steps light and quick, and Taiya's practically dancing.

Name: Taiya Lifedance
Gender: Female
Species: Regalis Lullabis
ID: 002
Bonded: Kara Dennol
From: Regalis Lullabis Haven
Adopted out by Dragonflychaser on Pony Island

Notes: Personality: Light-hearted and simply full of life

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