You walk along, trying to choose where to go next. The air is warm and spring-like, despite the fact that it's evening, and you find you're not in a hurry to decide. Instead, you look up at the emerging stars, taking a moment to ponder their beauty. As you stare up, something white crosses your vision. You squint to study it, and realize it's some sort of feline. But how is it up in the air like that? After another moment's study, you realize that the Kat has wings. They're just colored such that they blend in with the evening sky. The Kat apparently realizes that you're looking at her, and she hovers a moment, looking back.


All too soon the Kat decides to fly on. You sigh to yourself, and are about to go back to deciding where to go. "That's Anka'xirsta," a voice comes from behind you. Totally surprised, you whirl around to see that the speaker is another Kat. He offers you a small but unappologetic smile, and continues. "And I'm Halauu. Nice to meet another wanderer like myself."


"You're a wanderer?" you ask.

"When the mood strikes," Halauu replies. "Well, see ya!"


Name: Anka'xirsta (Evening Colors)
Species: Raveen Kat
Gender: Female
Element: Rainbow
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Birth Pride: Unknown
Current Pride: Pride of the Eternal Harmony
Mate: Oliwiuu
Children: None
From: Raveen Kats

Notes: Her markings take after 'cool tones', which for a Rainbow usually
means it was born under the moonlight and not sunlight. Her eyes are purple,
a minor rarity in Rainbow's as their eyes are usually red or orange. Her
wings are fully fligh-capable, and she has two earrings in both ears.

She can mindspeak and read the minds of any living creature who does not
have a mind block or a more powerful telepathic ability than she does. If
wounded she heals instantly.


Rainbow Enchant: Calls forth a rainbow shield. The shield can block any
physical attack and most abilities. Mist abilities cannot be blocked by this,
neither can Psychic abilities.

Name: Halauu
Species: Raveen Kat
Gender: Male
Element: Flower
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Birth Pride: Unknown
Current Pride: Pride of the Eternal Harmony
Mate: Yahana
Children: None
From: Raveen Kats

Notes: If he is ever wounded his blood will be green, but the wounds will
heal up instantly. As he is a Flower Kat where-ever he steps flowers will
grow, whatever kind he so desires. His tail is short, almost deer-like,
which is a trait only found within the Earth Elemental gene pool. Both of
his front legs are black, with a flower-marking on each shoulder which spans
across his chest.

He grew up in a Mountain Meadow up in the nort of the Ice Plains, with his
birth Pride and close siblings. His days were peaceful, and the scenery
was serene to reflect that. He eventually became curious about the rest
of the world, and set out to discover it's secrets. On his travels he
accumulated the decorations he wears on his forehead, in his mane, and as a
bracelet on his front right paw. They're all part of the same set, so each is
a dark silver, with the mane-decoration and bracelet having bits of a blue gem
in them.


Mist: Mist-Ability. Flowers instantly grow within the area of summoning, and upon blooming they release a mist which paralyzes any non-allies nearby.

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