A Patch of Ice

You are wandering near the edge of the meadow, when a tree catches your attention. Or rather, what's in the tree catches your attention--a door. Its not so obvious as to have a doorknob, but there is the definate outline of a door etched into the thick bark of the tree. Along the right edge the bark raises up in a ridge. You take hold of the ridge and pull. Sure enough, it pulls open. Inside, you see not the entrails of a tree, but rather, a dizzying swirl of light & color--a portal!

You bravely step through the portal, and into a world of cold and and ice. The wind howls about you, driving hard flecks of snow into your skin. You throw your arms up to cover your face, and as you do so, you see what must be an illusion--two rainbow feathers framing two red eyes, floating in the air and coming towards you.

The eyes are just centimeters away from you now, and you realize that they do indeed belong to a real creature. Her coloring is the same as her surroundings, and she blends in perfectly.

"I am Rivulete, and you are stupid," she says. "Get back through that portal before you freeze to death!" With that, she leaps at you. In fear you stumble backwards, through the portal again. The door snaps shut behind you, and the outline disappears into the tree.

As you stand up to dust yourself off, you notice a small book laying at the foot of the tree.

Name: Rivulete
Species: Raveen Kat
Gender: Female
Element: Blue Fire (Fire subelement)
Parents: Wild
Mate: Romuulus
Children: None
From: Raveen Kats

Notes: Her tail is not a mutation, at least not for her element. Her coloring on the other hand is a mutation. She has a feather hanging from an earring on both ears, both feathers are the same colors. She can mindspeak and read the minds of any Kat that doesn't have a mind block or a more powerful telepathic ability.


Blue Wave: Summons a wave of blue fire which covers anything it touches in a layer of ice.

Firey Wall: Creates a wall of blue fire which freezes anything that touches it.

Firey Rooks: Ability to summon a flock of crows that are made of blue fire. The crows will not back off until the user desires and can freeze anything they touch.

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