Raveen Kat

A large feline exits the bushes to your right. She seems in a bit of a hurry, but she pauses when she spots you. "Well, well," she purrs in a slightly menacing way, "what is this? A visitor?" She looks you up and down, and you begin to feel distinctly uncomfortable. "Welcome," she says at last. "I hope you enjoy your stay." With that she tosses you a hard half smile, and continues on her way.


Name: Faskasta (Leaf Strike)
Species: Raveen Kat
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild/Unknown
Element: Earth
Current Pride: --
Mate: Siamuun
From: Battle Prides

Notes: Her eyes are light blue upon navy blue, a trait often never seen in pure Earths. She is fully telekinetic, and can mindspeak but cannot read minds. She has an earring in each ear.

Her abilities;

Quake: Can make the ground beneath the target shake and crack.

Ground Slide: Ability to make the ground cave in.

Tunnel: Can instantly make an underground tunnel

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