For some reason you feel compelled to leave the meadow and enter the forest. You wander about aimlessly for a short while, before finally (to your surprise) striking upon a small path through the underbrush. Wondering where it leads, you decide to follow it.

After some time, you can see the trees thinning ahead. You hurry along, and soon come to a very small clearing. There's a creature in the clearing. It looks rather like a griffon, but something tells you there's more to it than that.


"Qualiron" the word enters your mind, and you puzzle over it. "I'm a Qualiron," the voice continues. You realize it must be the creature speaking to you. You're about to ask another question, but she suddenly takes flight. As she lifts off, you see that there was another Qualiron sitting behind her. This one glances over her shoulder at you, gives you a wink, and then follows after the first.

Oh well, another time perhaps.

Name: Shalla
ID: 87f
Species: Qualiron
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Current Pride: Sand's Erosion
From: Sirah's Realm
Name: Shalana
ID: 94
Species: Qualiron
Age: Baby
Gender: Female
Parents: Shalla (87) x Anar (65)
Birth Pride: Sand's Erosion
From: Sirah's Realm

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