Prudence, Regal & Moret

Two bright dragons stand over a young red dragon, which incidentally looks nothing like them. You decide to investigate. "Hello!" you call out as you walk over. Immediately the adult red dragon fans his wings out. "Who are you?" he demands, then adds, "Don't hurt the Moret!"

"Really, Regal," says the purple dragon, "It's just a friendly traveler come to look. You needen't get so uptight."

"Prudence, you know Silvanon put us in charge of protecting him. We need to keep him safe from strangers!" replies Regal. Prudence begins to look exasperated. "Yes," she returns, "but she also said to be nice to travelers. Remember?"

The two become absorbed in arguing. Meanwhile, the red dragon walks up to you. You can help but notice that he looks quite capable of taking care of himself. "Hello, my name is Moret. I'm a pyronas dragon!" He grins down at you.

"I'm pleased to meet you, Moret," you say. "So, tell me a little about yourself."

"My name means red," says Moret. "Auntie Prudence and Uncle Regal named me. I guess they're not very imaginative."

"Well, you have to admit, you are very red," you reply. "Regal there seems a bit overprotective."

Moret laughs and shrugs. He turns back to the two adults.

The argument seems to have ended. Regal huffs for a moment, and then with a sigh he finally folds his wings and turns back to you. "Good day, traveler," he says glumly. "I hope you have a nice visit." Prudence bobs her head in a much friendly fashion. "Hello," she says to you.

"Er, Hello," you say. There's an awkward silence, then you continue, "So,where are you from?"

"The Dark Crystal Realm," Regal responds hautily.

Prudence shakes her head at him. "There's a scrapbook over there, if you'd like to see it," she tells you.

Name: Prudence
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Species: Dark Crystal Dragon
Color: Lilac
From: Dark Crystal Realm

Name: Regal
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Crystal Dragon
Color: Red
From: Dark Crystal Realm

Name: Moret
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Species: Pyronas Dragon
Color: Red
Mother: Charline
Father: Kindel
Siblins: 15
Mate: Nope
Children: Uh...
From: Pyronas Adoptions

Moret's Egg:

Moret the Hatchling:

Moret the Youth:


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