Various Critters

You notice three rather strange equines standing near each other. You walk over to investigate.

Okapi unicorn Greenpea Skygreen Icedance

As you approach the first, a unicorn with green legs and strange markings, nods to you. "Greetings friend. My name is Hutan'li're'myrisha."

At this point the second equine, a green and red winged unicorn, speaks up. "Tell what Silvanon calls you."

The first mare tosses her head in annoyance. "Skygreen, hush," she says a bit severely.

The second giggles and turns to you. "Silvanon calls her Greenpea!" Greenpea blushes and turns her head away from you.

The third of the group, who has remained aloof thus far, finally speaks. "Greetings, traveler. I am Icedance. Each of us here was a gift to Silvanon. Greenpea came from Lady Brooklyn, Skygreen came from Sirah, and I came from Azrielen."

As Icedance is speaking, you notice a strange cave just behind the group. "What's there?" you ask, pointing to it.

"Ah, there lives our friend and charge, Ilana'my.

"Ilana'my?" you question, and Icedance nods. "She is a Kahegry, from the Clan of the Dark Thunder, from the land of Ranax. Go in and meet her. She tends to be a bit quiet, but she's really very nice."

You enter the cave, and find that it is rather cool. In fact, as you walk down the tunnel you decide it's downright cold. You're shivering by the time the tunnel opens up into a cavern. You look around, and see a large and very strangely formed, though beautiful, animal. Beyond her you can see a second opening into the cave, which seems to lead out into a cold harsh wasteland.

"Um, hello, are you Ilana'my?" you ask.

The Kahegry nods. "Yes. Did my friends from the meadow send you in?" she questions.

"Yup, they sure did," you reply. After a few moments of silence, you continue. "Is it just me, or is it a bit cold in here?"

Ilana'my seems to smile. "I like it that way. The preference is part of my heritage as a member of the Clan of the Dark Thunder."

You digest that for a bit, then say, "So, tell me a bit about yourself."

Ilana'my seems to shrug. "My parents are Ming'ti and Yana'fi. Silvanon tells me that I'm a "Rose*Gold Kahegry," though neither of us is quite sure yet what that means. I'm still exploring what my talents might be. Silvanon thinks I might be a good candidate for learning magic. Though my mother is a fierce warrior, and I sometimes feel inclide to follow in her footsteps." Ilana'my yaws lazily, displaying rows of sharp teeth, and you take a hasty step back. She then smiles at you with dry humor, and says, "Don't worry, I don't bite guests."

You stare at each other for a bit more, and finally Ilana'my speaks. "Would you like to see my photo album, or my snow globes?" You nod.

Ilana'my the teen:

Ilana'my the baby (Awe, wasn't she cute!):

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