A pair of equines recline on the top of a grassy knoll. They talk in quick, bantering voices, and while you can't quite make out what they are saying, you still get the definate impression of brother & sister.

Eillihala Jotha'vye

Name: Milash'alisha
Meaning: Dusty Summer
ID: A069
Gender: Doe
Parentage: Cocoa x Kilaveth
Birth Pint: Half-Pint
Current Pint: --
Genetics: WWFF, WWFf, BbTt, Hh, ccDD, mmDd
From: Piccolos
Name: Jotha'vye
Meaning: True White
ID: A073
Gender: Doe
Parentage: Mivel x Thrafeld
Birth Pint: Half-Pint
Genetics: WWFf, BbTt, Hh, ccDD, mmDd
From: Piccolos

Notes: The first ALBINO piccolo!

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