You notice a minty-colored equine standing nearby. She doesn't see you. Instead, she appears to be concentrating very hard on trying to get a good look at the horn sprouting from the center of her forehead. Nearby another equine stands watching your curiously. You immediately note the beautiful swirled pattern of his coat.

Mivel Joanan

Name: Mivel
ID: A001
Gender: Female
Parentage: Tristan x Camille
Birth Pint: N/A
Current Pint: Half-Pint
Genetics: WWFF, BBTt, Hh, ccDd, MmDD
From: Piccolos
Name: Joanan
ID: A048
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pint: N/A
Genetics: WWff, Bbtt, hh, MMDd, CCDd
From: Piccolos

Joanan with his hair dyed purple:

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