You find a nice place near the edge of the meadow where the stream loops around under a large tree. It's peaceful and shaddy underneath the tree. The large branches overhead let through only a little light, which makes strange dappled patterns on the grass below. The light riples lazily over the water of the stream. Looking down into the stream, you can half see the shadowy shapes of fish in the water. Mmm...a nice, pleasant place. You settle down in the crook between the giant tree roots.

As you are taking in your surroundings, you become aware of the shape of the tree root you're leaning against. Just beyond your toes, the root sort of humps up and curles, effectively forming a minituare cave underneath. It seems to you that there is something blue glinting from inside it. Intrigued, you shift around until you are on knees and elbows, peering into the hole. You can see now that though the openning is small, there's a good-sized pocket that opens up inside. And there's some kind of blue stone in there!

It's very pretty, and you would love to pick it up, but your hand won't fit inside the tiny opening. (You mash a finger trying.) You sit up and search your pockets, wondering if you have anything you could use to widen the entrance. Finding nothing, you look into the hole again at the stone. Ah! Now there's some kind of creature in there with it! Perhaps it was hidding behind the stone and you didn't see it. It's nearly the same color, after all.

The tiny equine looks at you, and suddenly you feel very embarresed for having wanted to steal its saphire. ("Well," you rationalize to yourself, "I didn't realy want to steal it, I just wanted a better look at it.") Feeling a bit disgruntled, you sit up again. You're about to leave, when a tiny book gets pushed out of the hole. Recognizing a scrapbook, you pick it up.

Name: Phyris
Race: Teniki
Element: Crystal
OE (Object Of Element): Sapphire
Type: Normal
From: Dragonflight

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