Govanth's Spot


You see a largish blue dragon sitting on a sandy spot out in the sun. "Hi, Govanth!" Raidly calls out. "Whatcha up to?"

"I'm just keeping an eye on things here." replies Govanth. "Not that much is going on. But, I get to be in charge while Evend and Allanth are away." Govanth turns to look at you. "Is this the guest that Evend was telling me about?"

"Yup," says Raidly.

"I'm glad to meet you," Govanth says to you. "Would you like to see the scrapbook?"

Stat Sheet:

Name: Govanth
Age: Adult
Type: Blue
Gender: Male
Rider: Evend
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Siblings: Visit the candidate list.
Mate: None yet!
Children: See Above.
From: R2-D2's Dragon Egg Adoptions

Here is Govanth as a hatchling:
Govanth the Hatchling
Here is Govanth's Egg:
Govanth's Egg

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