You walk over to a sandy spot in the middle of the hollow. In the middle of the sand is a large green dragon.

Raidly follows you over. Just as you are about to step out onto the sand, he stops you. "Careful," he says. "The sand is hot. Carfeth here doesn't mind it, but it's not good for people feet."

You decide to heed his warning, and stand on the grass at the edge of the sand. By leaning over carefully, you can just reach the dragon. You scratch it gently, and Carfeth hums in contentment. You are surprised how soft her skin is. Carfeth turns her head to look at you, and you hear a voice in your head. "Thank you." Carfeth's eyes swirl in good humor.

Raidly smiles at this interchange. "Carfeth came from Talis Weyr," she tells you.

Raidly suddenly looks up at Carfeth. "What's that? Oh, of course." He turns to you and says, "Carfeth wants to go take a swim. She's invited look through her scrapbook while she's gone."

Name: Carfeth
Age: Adult
Type: Green
Gender: Female
Mother: Gonth
Father: N/A
Mate: None yet!
Rider: Silvanon
Siblings: Yup.

Carfeth as a young adult:
Young Adult Carfeth
Here is Carfeth as a weyrling:
Weyrling Carfeth
Here is Carfeth as a hatchling:
Baby Carfeth
Here is Carfeth's egg:
Carfeth's Egg

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