Cathanla, Anka'Ethen, and Sahmain

There is a rustle in the bushes behind you, and you turn in time to see a tall paint Mahnon Pah'llock emerge. You are struck by how well-formed and beautiful he is. He is grinning hugely, in a horsey sort of way.

Silvanon, standing next to you, waits until she catches his's eye. "And where were you off to this time, Cathanla?" she asks with mock sterness.

Cathanla picks up on it, and ducks his head with pretended shyness. "Oh, I was just off visiting my clan." He shrugs. "It's a lot of work, keeping up with a clan that's scattered across the universe!"

Silvanon nods gravely. "Yes, it's a lot of work running through portals all day." You can see her trying not to smile.

Cathanla suddenly pricks up his ears. You are about to turn, when something butts you in the back. You stumble forwards, then turn around to see two more pah'llocks. The white maned one is trying to look innocent, and you decide it must have been her that butted you. "Ah, and here's my daugther and grandson!" Cathanla says. "Meet Anka'Ethen, and her son Sahmain."

Anka'Ethen steps forward, and gives a half-bow. "Haram Salu, Sella Li," she says. She sees your puzzeled look, and explians, "'Haram Salu' is hello in Allorian, and 'Sella Li' is hello in Gavanian."

Sahmain then steps forward. Gravely he nods to you. "Sella li, Haram Salu and hello," he says. You notice a breif twitch to his mouth, and realize that he recognizes the absurdity of his three-language greeting. You notice a string around Sahmain's neck. On it is a grey feather tied to a lock of purple hair. You ask about it, and Sahmain explains. "It's a luck feather, given to me by Danu." Then he cocks his head at you. "Would you like to see our scrapbooks, or maybe our beanie collection?"

Name: Cathanla
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Breed: Mahnon Pah'llock
Color: Paint
Mother: T'sarnoth
Father: Simahron
Clan: Clan of the Silver Rain
Mother's Clan: Clan of the Black Dove
Siblings: Yivna and others.
Friends: Dawn (Mih'nitha).
Mate: See Clan list.
Children: See Clan list.
From: Darkhorse

Body: D*,sd
Mane: d,ds
Forefeet: H*,H
Horns: d,D
Tail: l,l*

Cathanla the foal:

Cathanla the teen:

Clan of the Silver Rain

Clan Members:
Cathanla, lead stallion
Nianth'halah, lead mare
T'sabi, second mare
Ceras'nitha, third mare.
Zte'k'alec'loki, fourth mare.

Clan Children:
Anka'Ethen, by Cathanla & Nianth'halah
Nitha'k'mih, by Cathanla & Ceras'nitha

Name: Anka'Ethen
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Breed: Mahnon Pah'llock
Color: Black Bay Paint
Mother: Nianth'halah
Father: Cathanla
Clan: Deep Horizon
Mother's Clan: Silver Rain
Siblings: Nitha'k'mih
Friends: Malacka, Edrei, etc.
Mate: See Clan list
Children: Sahmain
From: Darkhorse

Body: sd,sd
Mane: D,S*
Forefeet: h*,h
Hindfeet: d*,d*
Horns: u,U
Tail: l*,H
Mutation: N,N

Anka the foal:

Anka the weanling:

Anka the old adult:

Name: Sahmain
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Breed: Mahnon Pah'llock
Color: Black Bay Paint, blue & white mane
Mother: Anka'Ethen
Father: Santios
Clan: Autumn Faith
Mother's Clan: Deep Horizon
Mate: Sabi'k'tugai
Children: --
From: Darkhorse

Body: D,dd
Mane: S,Ds
Forefeet: H,D*
Hindfeet: D,d
Tail: H,L
Horns: U,U
Mutation: y,n

Sahmain the foal:

Sahmain the weanling:

Sahmain the old adult:

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